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An Ode to New Orleans

ship on mississippi

New Orleans awakened a creative hunger in me. I just felt like sharing this feeling. Ignore as you wish!

I gained an idea in a town I visited Back in the month Of soft autumn light. The sidewalks were carved by millions of footsteps and the balconies filled with the inkiness of night.

The houses, all worn gleamed in the sun and shadows were cast softly, if at all. In the flits of history of the public square along the river banks I heard the idea call.

I listened intently as I drank the absinthe and watched as souls stumbled about. Saw an old staircase climbed to its end and laughed absurdly as I called them out.

The tugs of voices some ancient, some new others quiet or poor I strained to remember. The cause of my longing that found throughout those streets, those buildings on that day in November.

I leaned in closely as I sighed, understood that to live in my head was a worn-out cause. I had to reach into the city, the sounds the art of being alive – the gained idea I had once lost.

Robin Cole-Jett, 2012

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