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Outdoors in the Red River Valley

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Lots of places to explore, relax, and recover in the Red River Valley. Here's the Campion Trail, a walking and biking trail in Irving (Dallas County, Texas) that was immortalized by Bonnie Parker as "the Great Divide."

As an avid hiker, biker, driver, walker, researcher, gardener, occasional shed-builder and, to top it off, the ultimate nosy person, I spend a lot of time outdoors. I want you to do that, too! What's wonderful about our region is that we don't have to go far to find beauty. 

I grew up in Germany (mom's German and we moved to North Rhine Westphalia after my American father died). While living there as a kid for close to a decade and going to German schools, I was able to travel through large portions of Europe. As I grew older and came back to live state-side, my family has traveled back to Europe, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and to places all over the United States. But I can honestly say that I'm perfectly happy just doing day or weekend trips in and from the Red River Valley for all of my vacations. I am not a cruise ship person, nor a resort fan, and I don't care for the expense of airplanes or RVs. When I travel, my biggest expense is usually a tank of gas because I sleep in my vehicle and eat granola bars.

If this sounds like you, or you're just curious to see how a "the other half" travels, check out the following adventures.

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