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Red River Historian's curatorial mission is to relate the history, geography, and culture of the American Southwest, which includes the states of Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, and Kansas.


Traveling History

Guidebooks that retrace the geography of historical events and historical people

Land/ Ranch/ House/ Family  Histories

Researched and vetted abstracts of historic places and people, commissioned by clients who become co-authors.

Heritage Tourism

Published and/or commissioned books and exhibits for regional cities, organizations, parks, and more to help bolster tourism and promote development.

Want to commission work? Please e-mail to communicate your project and to receive samples and recommendations.

Author proposal

Seeking Authors

Red River Historian Press seeks authors of non-fiction, historical topics related to southwestern history: monographs, recipe books, family histories, regional topical research, transcriptions, and photography collections. Poetry may be considered.

Red River Historian Press provides in-house editing, source and research verification, packaging, publishing, sales fulfillment and promotion for accepted authors.