Programs are $100 (more if outside of a 200 mile radius from Denton County). They include slideshows. Book sales should be an option. Please email to learn more and book.

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For over 20 years, Robin Cole-Jett, the Red River Historian, has been sharing the history of the Red River through image-rich, informative presentations that engage audiences by treating them as fellow historians.

Robin has presented southwestern history at the following sites and programs:


SAIL (Collin College)

Grayson County Historical Society

Daughters of the American Revolution

Lamar County Genealogical Society

Denison Public Library

Texarkana Museum System

Morton Museum

Denton County Office of History and Culture

Grand Ecore Visitors Center

Prime Timers (North Central Texas College)

Brookhaven College

City of Lewisville

City of Southlake

Washington State Historic Park

Various senior programs

Robin presents the following topics:

  • Hunt for the Red River: Mapping the source from Natchitoches to Palo Duro

  • Gateway to Texas: From Southwestern Arkansas to the Beyond

  • Red River Steam: Steam Ships on the Red River

  • Great Raft of the Red River: Clearing the biggest logjam west of the Mississippi

  • Borderlands: Colonial Red River

  • Retracing Bonnie & Clyde

  • Red River Meteorite

  • Red River Reconstruction: Violence and Industry

  • Red River Civil War: The Before, During, and Aftermath

  • Red River Ghost Towns: Abandoned Places in the Red River Valley

  • Red River Cattle Trails: A Traveling History

  • Ye Olde Roads: Retracing Red River Routes

  • Women of the Water: Notable Ladies along the Red River

  • Red River Wars, an Extermination Campaign

  • Early Learning in the Indian Territory

  • Wavell's Land Grant in Northeast Texas





Red River Valley