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Robin Cole-Jett

Robin is the Red River Historian. For over twenty years, she has researched,documented and shared the history of the Red River Valley of the Southwest through this website, presentations, books, articles, social media,and even a few TV appearances.

A born Texan with family roots all over the Red River Valley in Louisiana and Oklahoma, Robin received her bachelor's degree at East Texas State University; her Master's of Education at the University of North Texas; and her Master's of Arts in History from Texas Woman's University. She has completed some doctoral work in higher education and anthropology. Robin has made her permanent home in Denton County.

Robin Cole-Jett, the Red River Historian, has been featured on:

Texas Country Reporter

Texarkana Gazette

Texas Highways Magazine

Dead Files (Discovery Network)

Fox Business News

National Public Radio

She has contributed numerous photographs and research to national and international documentaries, magazines, books, and more. For inquiries, please e-mail


The Red River of the South is spring-fed. It begins around and in Palo Duro Canyon just south of Amarillo, Texas. It then runs eastward to serve as the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma. In Arkansas, it makes a dramatic southerly turn. Thereafter, it slices through the middle of Louisiana until it joins with the waters of the Atchafalaya River before meeting the mighty Mississippi. The Red River was the last of the major rivers to connect to the Mississippi, and the last river in the Louisiana Purchase to be fully mapped. It is also a stream that witnessed plantation agriculture, slave labor, and the cattle drives: a place where the South meets the West.


All visual and written materials, unless otherwise noted, are copyright and property of Robin Cole-Jett, the Red River Historian and may not be re-purposed without express permission.

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