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The Roosevelt Douglass Separate School

Updated: Aug 31

Stone building with two entrances
The well-built little school in Roosevelt, built by the Works Progress Administration, had two entrances – one for girls, and one for boys.

In Roosevelt (Kiowa County, OK) sits this disused building that appears to have been erected by the WPA. Since the WPA lent labor to public works, and this place was last used as a pub (now closed), I asked Red River Historian readers on the Facebook page if anyone knew what the building’s original purpose was. Mijo Chard explained that it was the Roosevelt Douglass Separate School (school designated for African American children), and Mijo even shared some documents with Red River Historian!

Federal plaque on stone buidling
WPA Plaque at the Roosevelt School
Wooden door with sign
I got a kick out of the signs on the door: “No longer a public bar. Closed. Keep out. Unless you’re a hot stripper.” RRH Reader Judy Hilliard Dean wrote: “After the school closed it was opened as a bar by Rube McGee. It was called Rube’s Night Spit. They kept the curtains on the stage closed because there was always gambling going on. Don’t ask me how I know- lol.”
Report card 2 mijo chard
Mijo Chard shared a report card from 1947.
Employees for cafeteria mijo chard
A memo for the cafeteria workers for the WPA lunch program at the Douglass School, date unknown. This was shared by Mijo Chard.

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