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Mid-Century Modern in Sherman

Sherman mid century bank building
This fantastic building is now owned by a preservation-minded individual who has restored other places in Sherman.

"Mid-Century Modern" is a term used for much of the futuristic architectural styles built in the 1960s. The places designed with long geometric shapes, minimal adornments, and dramatic angles are often referred to as "space-age" design, too.

What's weird is that even with the economic boom of the late 1950s and into the 1960s, there are not as many architectural examples from this period in the Red River Valley in plain sight. I think a lot has to do with subsequent occupancy, which led many space-age designed buildings to be redesigned as "minimalist" or "modern" or that gawd-no "brutalist."

But a PERFECT example of Mid-Century Modern still exists in downtown Sherman, Grayson County, Texas! (The word perfect will continue to appear, just a warning).

This former bank at the corner of West Washington and North Crockett streets (across from the library, kinda) sits at an elongated corner, and its design fits *perfectly* into the space it occupies. The roof line sweeps over its triangular shape, with a star shape on the roof itself and only visible from above. The doors and rock and lights and angles... all absolutely *perfect* examples of space age design.

I also like that the former bank sits near the old Texas & Pacific Railway tracks, now used for local shunting but not for long-distance hauling anymore. OMG I'm using the word again... the tracks make for a *perfect* historical landscape to surround this beautiful structure.

This rare architectural gem sits empty, but I hope it will be preserved. It looks like it might have been designed by Frank Welch, "dean of Texas architecture?" Maybe? In the meantime, enjoy the photos!

Sherman old bank
Could this door BE any more mod?!
Top of mid century modern bank building Sherman
Even from up high, the mid-century modern design is visible: a Star Burst!

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