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Long gone Medicine Mound, Texas

Medicine Mound's former commercial buildings can be found among cactii and debris.

The closest white settlement to four geological features that were revered by the Comanches for religious practices was named after them: Medicine Mound. The four conical hills stand now on private land, though the remains of the little town can still be visited.

Medicine Mound sits on a lonely road southwest of Chillicothe in Hardeman County, Texas along what was once the Kansas, Mexico & Orient Railway. Two of its remaining buildings, erected with the round "cobble stones" found in the Wichita Mountains, replaced earlier wooden structures that burned down in a fire set by the spurned mistress of a local rancher (or so the story goes). Looking west from its Main Street (Spur FM 91), the famous Medicine Mounds can be clearly appreciated. The town's old depot now sits in nearby Quanah along US 287.

Beyond where the Texas, New Mexico & Orient train tracks once ran are the ruins of Medicine Mound's school, built in the 1940s and closed in 1955.

Medicine Mound is well known to most ghost town hunters, as its scenic remains, fashioned of cobble stones, make for beautiful photographs. No one lives in Medicine Mound anymore after the train stopped coming through.

Ruins of a building.
Medicine Mound's former school.

Another look at Medicine Mound's former gas station.

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1 Comment

Joyce Ashley
Joyce Ashley
Oct 23, 2023

There is a museum at Medicine where a Medicine Mound reunion is held each year.


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