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A Photo of Downtown Denison

Main Street ca. 1890/1891 (DeGolyer, SMU).

Aaaaaah.... photographs of downtown Denison (Grayson County, Texas) are always so giving: fun to post, fun to research, and fun to look at!

Here's Denison between 1888 and 1896. The building on the far right that houses Pettit & Waltz Cornice, Plumbing & Tinwork, is 311 W. Main, which appears to be still under renovation when this photograph was taken. By 1891, Pettit & Waltz advertised themselves in the City Directory.

Prior to Pettit & Waltz, this building housed a general store and then, a Fruit Stand/Meat Market and Printer (2nd floor).

Pettit & Waltz was no longer listed in the 1896 directory. By 1897, the building and tin smith shop, which was added to the back of the store front, housed a hardware store and repair shop.

To the back (north) of West Main Street is Woodard Street, along which is St. Luke's Episcopal (visible by the steeple). A two story, elegant residence at 403 Woodard prominently stands out, which looks like a brick mansion (kind of like Munson's house) but is denoted as wooden in Sanborn Maps. It stood at the corner of Woodard and Burnet streets at least since 1885. Today, a funeral home occupies the site.

This photo is from a stereograph view of Denison by Verkins & Enos, local artists, and is housed at the DeGolyer Library (SMU). For zoom-able views, go here:

Advertisement for Petit & Waltz in the 1891 city directory of Denison.

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