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Red River Historian
History where the South Meets the West

Red River Historian

Welcome to Red River Historian, an educational publishing, consulting, and tour company.

Devoted to the Red River region of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

 ~~~~"History of Where the South meets the West" ~~~~


Red River Historian Tours

* Enjoy the history of the Dallas/Fort Worth and North Texas area in a private, personalized tour conducted by a professionally trained historian and site interpreter
* Tours for up to six people in one private group (no mixing strangers!)
* Tour inside a luxury, air-conditioned SUV
* Pick-up and drop-off at hotels, airports, or arranged locations

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Red River Historian Presentations

* Presentations on the History of the Red River Valley of the Southwest by a knowledgeable historian with years of research
* Entertaining programs for historical societies, affinity groups, libraries, museums, schools, civic centers, senior centers, senior living, parks, sites, and other places
* Maps, photos, and customizable; own equipment
* Discover topics and blog


Red River Historian Sightings

  • Ye Olde Roads at Sulphur Springs Library, May 19 2022

  • Ye Olde Roads at Hidden Springs Retirement Home, June 13 2022

  • Ye Olde Roads at Mount Vernon Historical Society, June 13 2022

  • Ye Olde Roads at Denton Public Library, Emily Fowler, July 14 2022

  • Caddos at Carrollton Public Library North, September 12

  • Sin and Such at Collin College SAIL,  October 3 & 10 (in person) and Zoom on November 4 & 11, 2022

  • Women of the Water, Lamar County Genealogical Society, October 2022

Monthly Spotlight: Indian Academies
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Presentations include a PowerPoint show using my own or your equipment; 1 hour long talk with discussions; source lists; and lots of fun. Prices start at $100 (varies only by distance). For questions and booking, e-mail Robin:


Red River Historian Press

* Discover the history of the Red River Valley of the Southwest in engaging, heavily researched, popular-style guides
* Book informative, thoroughly researched presentations for museums, historical societies, libraries, activity centers, parks, and more
* New titles added continuously
* Accepting new commissions

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Red River Historian Consulting

* Research, writing, and publication of regional history books for cities, institutions, families, non-legal property abstracts, and individuals
* Exhibit design, educational materials, and archival system creation for cultural, municipal, and regional institutions
* On-site digitization of photographs, documents for courthouses, museums, families

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