Traveling History Up the Cattle Trails -

The guides to the mythic trails!  With
photos, maps, travel tips, and a thorough
background history of the cattle road that
brought both Texas and the Indian
Territory out of Reconstruction - and into
the legends of the Old West.

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autographed copies
Red River Historian
Press, Presentations, Art
Presentations offered at museums, historic sites, continuing education programs, senior
centers, schools, libraries, businesses - wherever! May include Power Point presentation
and/or handouts.  Free to $150.00. E-mail for details.

Traveling History Up the Cattle Trails                  Just Ghostin' Around
Sights on the  cattle trails!                                           Most popular! Learn about what used to be.

Traveling History with Bonnie And Clyde          Hunt for the Red River
Haunts, hideouts, and get-a-ways!                              Follow Marcy's trail to the river's source.

Red River Steam                                                       Red River Raft                             
Navigational history along the Red River.                  Removing the largest log jam on U.S. waters.

Red River Meteorite                                                 Good Roads along the Red River
The "recovery" of the storied medicine stone.          Traveling along the old highways.

End of the Trail                                                          Red River South
The Indian Territory's Red River Valley                      Antebellum period in the region
Standard tour accommodates up to 4 people in my private car. Cost for two people is $100,
each additional person $20. I can also be hired out for group tours if you provide
transportation; prices are flexible and reasonable. E-mail for

Bonnie and Clyde Tour Through Dallas - 4 hours
See where they lived, committed various sins, and are buried!

Fort Worth Stockyard Tour - 4 hours
Walk where sheep, pigs, and cattle once tread.
Model A Club Bonnie and Clyde Tour,  2009
The Red River in Arkansas: Gateway to the
Southwest - $15*

Revel in the intricate and fascinating history of
a the Great Bend Region, where borders for
Native Americans, the United States, and
Mexico collided in the early 19th century. Read
a thorough account of the peoples and places
that make southwestern Arkansas such an
incredibly interesting place. (History Press)

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Traveling History with Bonnie and Clyde -

Learn and visit the sights that still contain the
ghosts of the most famous crime duo in the
Southwest. With photos, maps, travel tips,
and a thorough background history of the
seedy underside of Texas, Oklahoma, and

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Image of America: Lewisville

Images of America: Lewisville (Texas)
combines many historic photographs with
captions explaining the progression of a
small farming community to a growing
suburb just north of Dallas and Fort Worth.

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autographed copies
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Red River Historian Professional Services
Museum, Archival, Educational, and Cultural Work by Robin Cole-Jett
Curatorial and programming work especially geared towards the region - in scope but also
in budget. Very reasonable fees for very thorough and on-time work. E-mail for questions and quotes.

Complete or partial exhibit services
  • Customized research, text, layout, design, printing and installation - full or a la carte
  • Multi-media exhibit designs, including interactive technology using Raspberry Pi
  • Procurement of rights & permissions for photographs and artifacts
  • Includes full documentation and scripts of all aspects of the exhibit

Complete or partial educational programming
  • Educational programs tailored towards state standards
  • Includes pre, during, and post site visits and/or outreach programs
  • Research, design, branding of printed materials for distribution
  • Multi-media programming with audio/video components

Complete or partial grant writing (historic or cultural only)
  • Can include identification of appropriate grants
  • Researching, writing, application, and follow-through

Complete or partial digital archiving
  • For private or public, individuals or institutions
  • Photograph & document scanning and documentation, including digital storage options
  • Archival systems creation & training or compliance with existing systems
  • Preservation techniques, materials, storage consultation

Professional editing
  • Editing and research verification services for historical books and articles
Clients include:
Denton County Office of History and Culture
Confederate Reunion Grounds State Historic Site
City of Lewisville
Morton Museum
Eisenhower Birthplace State Historic Site
Museum of the American Railroad
Medal of Honor Foundation
Traveling History among the Ghosts -

Discover ghost towns, old roads,
museums, and the history of the Red
River Valley in this detailed travel guide
that takes road trippers from the
beginning to the end of the river through
places that time passed by.

Available at and at Barnes & Noble
Orders from receive
autographed copies.
Traveling History along the Old Highways
- In the works!

An adventure in discovering the way people
traveled in the time before Interstates and
even federal highways in the Old Southwest:

Ozark Trail; Jefferson Highway; King of Trails
Bankhead Highway; Meridian Highway; Dixie
Overland Trail; Lee Highway; Routes 77, 82,
66, and 71!