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Muriel Wright and Boggy Depot

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Hand drawn map
Map of old Boggy Depot by Muriel Wright (OHS).

In 1927, Muriel Wright, a teacher and one of Oklahoma's most detailed historians, mapped Boggy Depot (Atoka County, Oklahoma) from memories collected by her, her family, and other inhabitants. Here are the descriptions to go with the numbers:

1. Gov. Allen Wright’s residence.

2. John. Kingsbury residence.

3. House built by Mr. Lore (cobbler).

4-5. Wood shop and residence of A. J. Martin.

6. Dr. T. J. Bond’s residence.

7. Store of Reuben Wright—later store of Edward Dwight.

8. Temporary schoolhouse (hewed logs)—later Aunt Lou’s bakery,

9. Apothecary shop.

10. Joseph J. Phillips’ store.

11. Mr. Maurer’s blacksmith shop.

12. Mr. Maurer’s residence.

13. Miss Mary Chiffey’s residence.

14. Brick Church—Hospital during the War.

15. Livery Barn.

16. J. J. Phillips’ residence.

17. James Riley’s residence.

18. Old graves.

19. Dr. Moore’s residence.

20. Barn for Stage Coach Company.

21. Capt. G. B. Hester & John Kingsbury store.

22. Dr. Bond’s office.

23. Store of Mr. Ford.

24. Barn for Hotel

25. Tom Brown’s blacksmith shop.

26. Capt. Charles LeFlore’s residence.

27. Col. Wm. R. Guy’s Hotel.

28. Old graves.

29. Capt. G. B. Hester’s residence.

30 New schoolhouse.

31. New Church—upper floor used by Masonic Lodge.

Today, Boggy Depot is a state park managed by the Choctaws, and the outline of the town is barely discernible.

Muriel Wright was the granddaughter of Rev. Allen Wright, principal chief of the Choctaw Nation from 1866 to 1870. She was born in Lehigh, Coal County, in 1889. Due to her prolific writing and research, she was one of the first people inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

The Boggy Depot cemetery is a treasure trove of Indian Territory history - graves include Choctaw and Chickasaw nation citizens. While none of the town's buildings exist anymore, the outlines are still discernible if you don't mind taking a walk. The Butterfield Overland Stagecoach made a stop at Boggy Depot before the Civil War, and if you squint, you can still make out ruts. On my sojourns through this very historic area, I did find a remnant of old Boggy Depot - a daubed log cabin, surrounded (and protected) by later additions.

Boggy Depot tombstone
Born in Massachusetts, died in Boggy Depot, Indian Territory.
Two story house
Allen Wright served as the governor of the Chicksaw Nation. He was the grandfather of Muriel Wright and the owner of this house (now gone). Born in 1826 in MIssissippi, he died in 1885 and isHe is buried at Boggy Depot (OHS).

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