Jacksboro lies in the gentle hilly terrain of the Jack Mountains.
The hills and valleys in North Texas aren't as dramatic as those in Southeastern Oklahoma, but the varied terrain can surprise you. The
Grand Prairie in the east Red River Valley gives away to the breaks of the
Cross Timbers in the central valley, and the further west you go,
the more the
Caprock becomes noticeable.

South, west, and north of
Dallas and Fort Worth are hills with lush trees and little rivers. In the valleys are little towns like Norse, an old
Norwegian settlement, and Meridian, the county seat of Bosque. Cooke and Montague County are full of rolling hills with beautiful vistas
and wineries.

Realtors like to call this region the "North Texas Hill Country," though that sounds like such a second class statement. Locals have names
for the ranges around Palo Pinto and Mineral Wells (well, the Palo Pinto Mountains, to be exact) and I think that's what we should call them.
Or "Red River Mountains" or something.
A Wise County barn and windmill. It's hard to believe that downtown Fort Worth is only 30 miles from here!
The Red River in Montague County, near the Chisholm Trail Crossing at Red River Station.
The Medicine Mounds just southeast of Wichita Falls are Comanche holy places, and are still revered by Comanches descendants. They
belong to someone now, and I hope that someone allows the Comanche to visit these hills. That the Comanches have to get special permission
to visit their own holy sites shows how very differently land and religion are treated in Indian and Anglo culture.
North Texas Hill Country
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