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Letter from Texas
A recollection of life on the Texas frontier by Shiloh Orme. Graciously
shared by Sam Orme, a descendant.

Long Trek Journal
A diary written by emigrants from Tennessee to Texas, by J.E.
Deatherage. Generously shared by C.C. Taylor, a descendant.

Moscoso in Arkansas
Luis de Moscoso Alvarado and his troops wrecked havoc on Naguatex,
major Caddoan village, in 1542. This 1557 account  by the
"Gentleman of Elvas" tells of battles and murders.

Growing Up in Frederick
An oral history with Leroy Baker, who lived in Depression-era
Frederick, Oklahoma for many years.

Paris Boyhood
Another oral history with Leroy Baker, whose family moved to Paris,
Texas to help build Camp Maxey.

Honey Grove and Carpenter's Bluff
Norma Nichols shares her memories of the Red River Valley

WPA Memory - William Smith
A life history of a former trail driver from Texas, courtesy Library of

The Wilkinsons, Southern Settlers of the Red River Valley
Frank Henderson kindly shares a letter about his family's interesting
history, which spans several Red River Valley counties.

Howland Memories
Frank Henderson recounts memories of his  visits to his grandmother
in Howland, Texas.

Oklahoma Pioneers
Martha Giles shares an exciting family history as she recounts the
journey her mother, Maude, took with the rest of the Ragsdale family
1900! The Ragsdales settled in and around Hollis, Oklahoma, and have
preserved several historical photos, which are included in the essays!

Maude's First Journey, Part I
Maude's First Journey, Part II
Maude's First Journey, Part III
Maude's First Journey, Part IV
Maude's Youth
Maude's Marriage

Life in Oklahoma Territory
Dustin Ward, an avid historian and motorcycle rider, shares his family's
journey from Sunset, Montague County, Texas to their homestead on
the Oklahoma plains. Not only does he describe their adventure in
detail, but he adds wonderful oral histories on stoves, outhouses, and
hog slaughtering!

Background of Pioneers, Part I
The Journey, Part II
The Journey, Part III
Towns and People, Part IV
Life on a Prairie Farm, Part V
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